The country of happiness is here – Bhutan. Bhutan is perhaps the only unique country on the planet that measures its GDP on happiness. Bhutan is blessed with an amazing and stunning landscape that is protected by Bhutan Tourism. The people of this country and their culture have been attracting people from all over the world since the country opened its doors to the world.

Bhutan’s unsallied environment, the people on the streets, its buildings and architecture, their customs makes it an unique and offbeat tourist destination.

Ultimate Travel and People Photos of Bhutan that will strike serious Wanderlust in You

Our guest and contributing photographer Sourav Pal Chowdhury (Click here to follow him on Instagram) who has been to this landlocked country recently came back with these mind blowing and epic photos that will strike wanderlust in you. The images of the landscape of this country, its people and buildings makes one feel like packing the bags and travel to this country immediately. Sourav travelled from Kolkata to Bhutan in 2017 to pursue his passion for photography and we are stunned by these amazing collection of photographs from the land of happiness.

One can travel to this country by flights and road. The international road border with India lies at Jaigaon-Phuntsholing at the New Alipurduar district of state of West Bengal in India. Indian tourists and travellers do not require any Visa or Passports to enter this country. However, a permit needs to be taken by showing the necessary photo identity cards, hotel and travel bookings.

The nation looks equally beautiful in all seasons – monsoon, autumn or winter. The international airport is in Paro which has flight connectivity with New Delhi, Kolkata, Kathmandu and Dhaka. The two major airlines which flies to Paro airport are Druk and Bhutan Airlines.

1. Mesmerising Clouds

2. Abode of peace and tranquility

3. Tiger’s Nest – A Trekker’s paradise

4. Amazing architecture in Thimpu

5. Mind-blowing landscape, mountains, rivers

6. Crossing Over

7. Devotion

8. It’s festive time with the kids – Thimpu

9. I want to shop too – Thimpu

10. Mamma wants to take me to home. Please give a smile for the photographer – Thimpu

11. Let me sleep – Thimpu

12. Let the wait be over

13. I want to touch

14. Time for prayers in Punakha Dzong

15. Misty mornings in Chele La Pass

About the Author: Sourav Pal Chowdhury is a professional photographer based in Kolkata, India. He has won awards for his photography from Canon India. He is the co-founder of DSLR. Check his Instagram profile here.

If you have been to this beautiful country – Paro, Thimpu or Punakha – share your experience with us in the comments section below. Share this blog.

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