Tucked away in one of the planet’s most desolate places, The Grand Dragon Ladakh hotel is a jewel in the Himalayas. This luxury abode in the heart of Leh is a landmark property that proudly evinces its noble history and has been hosting the world’s richest of people for more than a decade.

Imagine a hotel that is modern, opulent yet traditional in its look and feel, a hotel that has created a decade of significant memories by serving guests from the world over. Imagine, sitting on your room with a book and a cup of traditional Ladakhi tea (and if you wish you, take few steps to your attached balcony) that gives a sweeping view of the rugged, rough, untouched and unpardonable terrains of Ladakh, chortens and monasteries and the bewitching landscape. The Grand Dragon Ladakh fulfils all the benchmarks in creating ultimate comfort and luxury right in the lap of Ladakh valley.

Our (Mousumi and I from Blackboard) romantic sojourn to Ladakh was hand-fully curated by the team from the luxury hotel. We flew from Kolkata to Leh via Delhi. Well, there are others who prefer to hit the road to reach Leh, but we chose to fly.

The Grand Dragon Ladakh
The suite where we stayed. Photo credits: Amit Sengupta

With beautifully-crafted, distinctive architecture at every nook and corner, you are left in awe, the moment you enter the property (a 10 minutes drive from Leh airport and walking distance from Leh market).

For an ultimate experience in Ladakh, check out The Grand Dragon Ladakh website 

Owned and operated by the Abdu family from Leh, who have more than 40 years of experience in welcoming visitors to the Himalayan region, Grand Dragon hotel is the dream child of Ghulam Mustafa, also known as the first modern artist of Ladakh. The walls of the hotel adorns his intricate handmade paintings reminiscing of the rich legacy of the royal family.

Grand Dragon Ladakh
The sitting area in our suite. Photo credits: Amit Sengupta

This hotel was established in the year 2007, one of the earliest luxury hotels during that decade. The entrance of Grand Dragon Ladakh welcomes you with a pair of dragons, which are considered a symbol of enlightenment. The famous Rabsal tradition of Ladakh can be seen in the window treatments and balconies.

The tradition of Ladakh can be witnessed in the hotel’s exteriors and interiors both; right from the vibrant furnishings in rich-jewel tones to the rugs and artwork on the wall- everything is reminiscent of the Ladakhi life.

Grand Dragon Ladakh
The bed of our suite looks absolutely regal. Photo credits: Amit Sengupta

We stayed in the suite in the third floor. The room gives you unparalleled views of the magnificent Ladakh valley. Regal and royal would be understatements when it comes to the décor of the suite. The suite was no doubt spacious giving you all the modern comforts that a world class property can offer; but what makes them all the more different is the extra mile the hotel staff will go to take care of your need.

Rest, we let the photos do the talking.

Grand Dragon Ladakh
Catching a magnificent view from our balcony. Photo credits: Amit Sengupta

The property has a resident doctor for general check-ups. Make sure, you get a consultation done with the doctor upon your arrival. The management also offers oxygen cylinders for guests on a complimentary basis who need that extra dose of air to acclimatise faster.

Grand Dragon Ladakh Leh
Nothing like a cup of tea and staring at awe of the impressive Stok Kangri mountain range. Photo credits: Amit Sengupta

The Grand Dragon Ladakh boasts of the only one-of-its-kind hotels in Leh that is fully functional in the extreme winter months (December to February) when the temperatures plummet to -30 degree Celcius. They have upgraded their technology to provide centrally heated rooms in those cold months. Well, this definitely calls for a winter adventure in Ladakh! Doesn’t it?

Grand Dragon Ladakh Leh
A night view from our suite. Photo credits: Amit Sengupta

There are two restaurants in the ground floor – Zasgyath and Tusrabs. While Zasgyath offers you some of the best world class multi-cuisine delicacies, Tusrabs offers you rich, authentic flavours of Ladkahi, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines. Most of our dining sojourns were at Zasgyath looking at awe towards the amazing Stok Kangri mountain ranges of Ladakh.

Featured Image is courtesy: The Grand Dragon Ladakh

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