What does a holiday in Goa mean to you – lazing by the pool, having sea food from some of the best restaurants in Goa, beer on the beach or partying all night? Or so you believe. What if you looked at this globally popular destination with an entirely different perspective? When you think of booking your cabs in Goa, do what everybody doesn’t, see what you would have never thought of seeing and smell the true spirit of Goa in its own charm and not dominated or influenced by touristy needs.

Explore India’s favourite beach locale with these offbeat things to evoke your lateral desires and awaken all your hidden senses.

Restaurants in Goa that serve local, home cooked food and offbeat places to see

For the mind

Awaken your mind and spirit by spending a few days at a yoga retreat. Yoga in Goa? You might wonder. Yes, it is and it’s not only for the tourists. Far from the party districts, there are numerous yoga retreats and training centers, hidden in cozy corners across Goa. Rejuvenate yourself with organic food, Ayurveda treatments and holistic therapies when you book a wellness holiday with Swan Yoga Retreat in Assagao, Satsanga Retreat in Carla Canca, Kranti Yoga Village Resort in Patnem, and similar others spread across north and south Goa.

For the body

Holidays are meant for indulgences and that can only happen with soulful food. For a change, forego the popular eating hot-spots and look for local, home cooked food. If you’re planning a food trail around Goa, we recommend booking a cab with Savaari Car Rentals so you can visit some of these exquisite restaurants in Goa.

Here’s a few top of the list restaurants in Goa that serve local, home cooked food:

Restaurants in Goa
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Victoria’s Corner, Calangute: This family-run place serves home cooked local recipes along with popular international dishes. With fresh local produce and catch of the day, you can find daily specials and a new menu every day.

Mum’s Kitchen, Miramar: Missing your grandma’s cooking? Mum’s Kitchen is a place to reminisce those good old days. With a quirky, rustic setting, this open air eatery in Panjim is the trendiest place to explore family – style Goan delicacies and fusion recipes across Asian, European and American cuisines.

Joe’s River Cove, Salcette: Yet another traditional family-run eatery in the heart of south Goa, Joe’s offers the best village experience with its rustic setting and homemade recipes like Chicken Chilli fry, Stuffed Mushrooms, Prawn and Vegetable papad rolls among others.

Restaurants in Goa
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Nostalgia, Raia: Warm, cozy and nostalgic. With its odd knick-knacks, and beaten design, this place makes you feel more like in an old Goan home than a restaurant. Known for the hard-to-find, forgotten Goan delicacies like Rissois and Apa-de-Camarao, Ambadeanchem as well as homemade Alle-Belle, Nostalgia will bring back the old world charm of Goa on your platter. If traveling on a weekend, don’t forget to catch the live music scene from Thursday to Saturday.

Spice Plantation, Ponda: Visit one of the local spice plantations around Ponda, where they serve classic village lunch made with the fresh yield of the plantation and surrounding farms.

Restaurants in Goa
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For the soul

A little off the beaten track from the Dudhsagar falls is the mysteriously silent zone of Devil’s Canyon.  Spend a day around this serene natural canyon, formed by the Mandovi River. Perfect for musings over yourself, or a solo canoe ride, this eerily scenic spot allows you to enjoy the solitude and soothe your soul, away from the bustling beaches of Goa. When you get tired of exploring the beach, get a car rental in Goa to explore more of inland Goa.

To feed your artistic desires, you can hit one of the street art scenes or the Serendipity Art Festival, where pop artists from all over the world, showcase their skills on walls, streets and building facades.

Besides being the most popular party destination, Goa has an entirely different world, tucked in its nooks and crannies. Only, one needs to walk off the beaten path to find those places and revisit your most visited beach locale.

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