W​hat is that particular element that makes your restaurant experience perfect? Is it the decoration and ambience? A warm-hearted service? Or is it simply the food? At Melting Pot café cum restaurant, you can have it all.

Melting Pot café cum restaurant will melt you, sweetheart

Melting Pot cafe
Korean Chicken Stick. Photo credit: Suvam Dey Biswas

Nestled in 89 B, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, ‘Melting Pot’ is a fusion of Cafe and casual dining, a rare and much-needed genre indeed. Though it is not that big inside, the minimalist decor and vibrant wooden interior make it look spacious. The warm and subtle ambience does make the visit there more special with loved ones.

Melting Pot cafe
Sweetheart. Photo credit: Suvam Dey Biswas

As far as the food is concerned this 36-seater eatery is a gastronomic heaven for foodies in Calcutta who are into Oriental cuisine as well as continental classics. Appetizers like the creamy Lung Fung Soup to the Fish and Chips dipped in dollops of mayonnaise that melts in your mouth are the must-have items. Also, the caramelized Korean Chicken Sticks and the steamy Chicken Suimai is just spot on.          They also offer a wide array of beverages as well. More than 25 entries on the beverage and 9 varieties of teas can be found on the menu including ‘Sweetheart’, which is a must-have for every sweet tooth out there.

Melting Pot cafe
Spagheti. Photo credit: Suvam Dey Biswas

This restaurant was a dream project for Ms. Shrabani Kumar, who now runs the place with her husband Mr. Ravi Agarwal. In the city of joy where delicious food can be easily found in every corner, Shrabani’s Melting pot does stand out.

Melting Pot cafe
Chicken Dimsums. Photo credit: Suvam Dey Biswas
Melting Pot cafe
Cool Blue. Photo credit: Suvam Dey Biswas

In spite of being a restaurant that had just opened up just a few months ago, Melting Pot has managed to achieve a lot of patrons. So if you are a foodie like me, then do head out to 89 B, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata to melt your heart and fill your tummy.

Photo credits: Suvam Dey Biswas. He is a student of APC College and an intern with Blackboard.