Speed thrills. And in a racing event like India Speed Week, its bound to excite as well. Kolkata’s popular Radio Jockey RJ Smriti, recounts her incredible experience at India Speed Week 2017 in Bangalore.

India Speed Week 2017 Bangalore

India speed weekDuring the two days drag race event, India Speed Week witnessed thousands of footfall and numerous participants from across the country.

The driving enthusiasts participated in the drag race for two consecutive days. Unlike normal races drag races last for 20 seconds max! It’s all about the first few moments mentioned the proud owner of ISW, Mr Amit Kumar Modi, whose dream is to take India Speed Week to the rest of the world and is a proud owner of several world class supercars and superbikes. The two day drag race saw Bollywood actors Raveena Tandon and Suniel Shetty as ISW’s Speed Ambassadors. The silver screen stars praised and appreciated this one of a kind motorsport taking place in the country!

India speed week
ISW owner Mr Amit Kumar Modi with actor and Speed Ambassador Raveena Tandon at the racing event.

While witnessing a few rounds of drag races, I couldn’t resist savouring the delicious food available in several food stalls inside the campus itself. Yumm! And oh man what actually caused the adrenaline rush were the thrilling voices of Emcee Earl and Emcee Shruti.

Besides being a ‘musical’ girl, I totally enjoyed the performances of the Bengaluru city based band and the Dj. What else could I have asked for? A ride in one of those charismatic cars haha!

India speed week
India Speed Week is not only a drag racing company but it’s all about motorsports so Kolkata watch out, thrill is on its way, says the ISW owner Mr Modi. Well, being there with the team for the entire two days, I got to know it wasn’t a piece of cake for the ISW team to pull off such a gigantic event, so kudos to the team, participants, supporters, sponsors, organisers and last but not the least Mr Modi, a proud owner of Lamborghini Huracan Sypder cars, who requests one and all to be a part of ISW round 3 which is going to be held soon.

India speed week
RJ Smriti posing on a Lamborghini herself.

And I being a radio girl, would do mike testing “1, 2, 3…Hello everyone let’s Go to the next round of the INCREDIBLE INDIA SPEED WEEK.”

RJ Smriti is a Radio Jockey in the city of joy since last nine years. She is a religious Bollywood lover and a visiting faculty at the Heritage College, Kolkata teaching Radio to the Masters degree students of the college.