In what will be one of the largest exploration deals of the 21st century in India, Kolkata and Delhi based globetrotter and explorer Kounteya Sinha is all set to undertake one of the most daring journeys to reach uninhabited parts of planet Earth over seven months with Wild Voyager.

Sinha to travel to the most uninhabitable regions of the world across seven continents for India’s top travel curators Wild Voyager

World renowned journalist, photographer and explorer Kounteya Sinha who after travelling the six continents of the world is revered as one of modern day’s most sought after urban nomads has been announced as the global brand ambassador of India’s top and most respected travel company Wild Voyagers.

Though details have not been revealed on how much this signing is worth, we believe that it could easily be one of the biggest such endorsements in the modern era.

Under what the company is calling the “Into the Unknown Project,” Sinha along with the company’s founder Alankar Chandra – who is himself world renowned as a photographer and explorer will travel from North pole to South pole – seven farthest places on the map – some sparsely populated and other completely uninhabited – in seven continents over seven months, beginning August 2018.

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The whopping and mind boggling two lakh kilometre journey which will take over 105 days and see the explorer duo travel to places with temperatures as excruciatingly high as plus 51 degrees to as bone chilling low as minus 35 degrees is expected to be one of the most followed journeys in the modern era.

The minute to minute transmission of the exploration will be streamed live through the internet and is expected to breach viewership figures of millions across the planet.

Chandra, an Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A) pass out gave up the high flying corporate life to pursue his passion for wildlife and exploration by starting the Wild Voyagers a couple of years ago. In no time, Chandra’s clientele includes hundreds of discerning world travellers and most formidable names in exploration.

Talking about the “Into the Unknown Project,” Chandra said: “We are delighted to announce that Kounteya who pushes boundaries of human achievement almost every day has agreed to undertake this life changing journey through some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and cultures. Sinha is known for his undying need to move and is a leading protagonist in the world’s urban nomad movement – a swelling community of 21st explorers. Sinha’s sense of our planet is unparalleled and his fan following across the planet is legendary. His art of story-telling and his skill for finding places, people and narratives that hide from the human eye has won him millions of followers who want to walk on his footsteps”.

“Kounteya as a photographer pops our bubble of reality with every single shot, revealing to us a world and a moment that is no less than a fairy tale. Wild Voyagers have always believed that travel changes people for the better and makes a person an ambassador of the world, pollinating far off places with tales from distant lands. Kounteya Sinha embodies every bit of our philosophy and hence we are proud of this partnership that will see him travel from the pink granite mountains of far off Tasmania to the farthest frontier of the world – Antartica. Our explorer extraordinaire who is a true solivagant (a solitary adventurer who wanders the globe) will document the secret lives of the gigantic beasts of Siberia to reveal one of the largest continental stretches of ice in the Torres del pains where glaciers stretch for as long as 100 square miles,” Chandra added in a statement announcing Kounteya’s appointment.

So how did Chandra come up with the idea of this incredible journey?

“This will clearly be the most sensational odyssey modern world has witnessed. Wild Voyager is a designer of discoveries. We design and execute remote journeys for our discerning clients who love our planet. I have often asked myself the question of how far we are willing to go to fulfil that need for exploration? Many argue today that the age of discovery is over. No place exists anymore that is yet to be found. Most say that man has set foot on the highest point of the earth to the lowest ebb of the sea. I however beg to differ,” Chandra who is considered a whiz kid of wildlife photograph with over 200,000 social media followers said.

He added “We have therefore decided to push the limits of human endurance and satiate the nagging human thirst for exploration by announcing the first of its kind odyssey that will not only challenge but also feed the notion of what it is to be alive. The ‘Into the Unknown’ project will be followed live by millions of people 27×7 through the Wild Voyagers website which will stream this journey live, every day. This is our tribute to man’s undying need for adventure and exploration,” Chandra who is also an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering and has held top leadership positions in corporate giants like HSBC, Cognizant and Brillio Technologies added.

The team was tight lipped about the places which will be covered but Blackboard has learnt that it might include the heart of the Namibian desert to the unknown corners of Antarctica and Siberia.

So how does it feel for Sinha – another feather on his already illustrious cap?

“It feels humbling firstly. The reason I agreed has nothing to do with the financials involved but the sheer passion the company works with. Chandra and his partner Anuj (Co-founder & COO of Wild Voyager)  are powerhouses of knowledge and the reason why they are so successful in this business is because of their sheer love for the outdoor. Both of them live, eat and dream travel and not the usual trails. Their constant need is to explore the unknown – very similar to my philosophy of getting off the map. This will be a journey than will inspire a generation back into exploration. It will show them there are still places our ancient explorers did not find. This seven month long exploration will be more about discovery and inspiration than to conquer,” Sinha said.