The legendary Kebab-E-Que restaurant at the luxury heritage The Astor Hotel, Kolkata recently launched a new menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Their USP is the amazing Kebabs that they serve.

Amazing Kebab Platter and a New Indian and Asian Menu at The Astor Hotel

The heritage hotel, The Astor is located at 15, Shakespeare Sarani, near Park Street in Kolkata. It is known for its authentic and scrumptious kebabs. They invited Blackboard when they launched a new menu reviving well-known old dishes that were lost from the earlier menu and introducing modern twists through innovative presentations.

Speaking about the new menu launch, Executive Chef Amlan Bose, The Astor Hotel said: “The menu has warmer flavours, classic garnishes and old recipes. Our main focus has been on establishing a menu that highlights our Thai, Italian and Oriental dishes. We are presenting iconic dishes with a contemporary twist as a tribute to our heritage and the newly added dishes are going to redefine us as a multi cuisine hotel.”

One of the most exciting additions to the menu is called The Kolkata Calling featuring lip-smacking Bengali favourites like Luchi, Aloo Posto, Dhakai Maachher Jhol, Railway Mutton Curry, Radha Ballabi, Bhuni Khichuri and others. An inimitable mix of tandoor specialities, from mouth-watering roasted whole mutton leg known as Ran-e–Astor served with makhmali paratha and Akbari Murgh, a KEQ old speciality (whole chicken cooked in dum style with whole spices, served with flavoured rice, chicken mince gravy and veggies) to Mushroom Moti Tikka (chargrilled mushroom filled with dry fruits, khoya & cheese) and Sultana Subz Kofta Benarasi (from the house of Banaras cottage cheese dumpling in smooth gravy) – the menu has vegetarian and non-vegetarian items to please all.

The third highlight of KEQ at The Astor Hotel is the Asian menu that includes items like Tom kha pak (Thai coconut soup prepared with vegetables, galangal, lime juice, lemon grass and finished with coconut milk), Chilli Garlic Fried Mushrooms and Chowhan’s Jade Chilli Chicken (stir fried tender chunks of crispy chicken with spring onion, green and red peppers in green spicy chef special sauce) among others.

Pocket pinch for two: INR 1200 onward (plus GST).

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Featured image courtesy: Cheesy Murgh Khasnama Tangdee. Photo courtesy: The Astor Hotel, Kolkata