It’s a whiff of crazy Mediterranean feast at the ongoing Italian brunch hosted by Swissotel Kolkata. Chef Enrico Bricarello has flown in to Kolkata from a northern Italian village in organising this insane Italian brunch feast at this luxury hotel.

When: 26-30 November

Where: Cafe Swiss, 6th floor, Swissotel Kolkata

Price pinch: Rs. 1850 (with Unlimited IMFL); Rs. 2250 (with Unlimited Foreign Liquor)

Italian brunch at Swissotel Kolkata – Don’t miss the Mediterranean feast

Swissotel Kolkata invited me for a special preview of their Italian brunch with Chef Enrico Bricarello. The Chef prepared a couple of quick and easy dishes (shown in the video above) for us at the hotel’s rooftop pool. After a few logistical hiccups, it was a smooth sailing for the chef. He literally made it in a jiffy. In about 10 minutes, he was done with two quick recipes.

However, the luxury hotel invited us for a special treat this Sunday. Chef Bricarello suggested i try the Italian buffet they had prepared. I tried an assortment of all they had to offer, right from sausages, bacon to beef. I gambled with all of them and was left asking for more. I requested for a glass of red wine to compliment the food.

Once i had the spread, i knew i was in for a treat. It was an explosion in the mouth. Then they brought in the Italian thin crust pizza – one with Chicken and the second one a vegetarian pizza. I focused on the chicken pizza. It was crispy, crunchy and light as a feather. The chicken on top was completely in sync with the toppings and made for a light hearted meal. By this time, i finished one glass of red wine and ordered for another one.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fellow bloggers move on to the dessert section. I am not a big fan of sweets and desserts but i couldn’t resist the Mishti Doi they had. Outstanding it was! I devoured couple of them in no time.

Some insane photos from the Italian brunch

Italian thin crust pizza. Photo: Amit Sengupta
A barbeque kebab. Photo: Amit Sengupta
Italian pasta
Pasta. Photo: Amit Sengupta

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Pista biscuit with fresh strawberry. Photo: Amit Sengupta
Italian brunch
Photo: Amit Sengupta
Italian brunch
Photo: Amit Sengupta

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