Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport hosted the inherent Cake Mixing ceremony today to bring alive the rich tradition and unveiled the spirit of the festive season. Children from Future Hope, Sidhu, Baji and fellow members of the band Cactus graced the event and rejoiced their passion towards good food yet another time.

Cake Mixing Ceremony at Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport

cake mixing
Sidhu at the cake mixing fun. Photo courtesy: Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport

The season of gourmet patisseries and baked pleasures is about to knock at the door as we can feel the nip in the air. Foggy mornings, a piping hot brew and cakes! Executive Chef Suman Chakraborty led the cake mixing ceremony with the mixing of various sweetening ingredients, spices and dry fruit varieties. Then various fruit juices and flavoured syrups were poured atop. As the chef started giving the whole mixture a nice stir, the magnificent aroma of the mixture filling the air. Special ingredients like freshly made Orange & and Blueberry were exclusive additions for this time.

Kenneth Scott, General Manager, Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport said: “Cake mixing ceremony is a ritual religiously followed across the world and is said to be a prelude of good tidings and happiness,  With the cake mixing ceremony we are welcoming the festive season and Christmas at Holiday Inn, Kolkata Airport with some cheerful and everlasting memories ”.

cake mixing at Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport
Children from Future Hope at the cake mixing ceremony. Photo courtesy: Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport

After the traditional cake mixing, the mixture was left to mature until around Christmas, when it will be blended with the cake batter and baked into traditional Christmas goodies.

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