Unwinding in one of the best spa retreats in IndiaPurovel Sport, Swissotel Kolkata – is an unique experience. It is essential for seeking vitality and wellness. The Purovel Sport at Swissotel Kolkata offers a wellness odyssey to seek a break from the daily grind of your routine life in Kolkata.

Indulging in a Spa retreat is a must – it energises your body, mind and soul – while you are on your much needed vacation or seek a tranquil solace in a city to recharge and boost your inner strengths. Blackboard’s visit to the Purovel Sport of Swissotel Kolkata was a royal experience. We chose a Sunday to visit the Spa. However, please keep in mind that weekends are usually a bit rush at the Spas for obvious reasons. You may want to get your Spa treatment done during a weekday to get that extra attention and indulgence. Blackboard’s team has been here at Swissotel Kolkata’s Café Swiss and Maya for several occasions in the past but none has been related to the Spa so far. Hence, we requested for an experiential review of Purovel Sport to present it to Blackboard’s national and global audience. Read on and find out the reasons which we think, why you should visit Purovel Sport at Swissotel Kolkata for a wellness retreat:

8 Reasons to indulge at the Spa in Purovel Sport, Swissotel Kolkata

Luxury wellness experience

Swissotel Kolkata
The author inside the Spa vitality room. Photography: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

The Purovel philosophy of Swissotel is derived from the origin of wellbeing and use of nature’s resources, such as stone, wood, water, flora, pure invigorating alpine air and the changing seasons of the Swiss mountains. Pürovel spa treatments, using essential oils organically produced in Switzerland, work in symmetry with the well-designed and modern sports training facilities having both been designed to invigorate and vitalise in rhythm with the seasons.

Signature Spa

Swissotel Kolkata
Indulge with one of their best signature spa massages. Photography: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

We took the one hour Signature Spa at one of their Spa massage rooms. You can choose from an impressive menu of Spa treatments that Swissotel Kolkata offers. Check with the hotel’s direct no for booking your spa at Purovel Sport.

Swissotel Kolkata’s Purovel Sport (Click here to go to their website. Call their direct no. 033-6626-6550) is blessed with an impressive rooftop that gives a sweeping view of the city’s amazing landscape with high rises flanking the New Town road. Swissotel’s Purovel Sport is a tranquil oasis in Kolkata’s vibrant cityscape. The Spa facilities include:

  • Fitness centre with leading-edge equipment
  • Rooftop infinity pool
  • Rain showers with separate locker rooms for men and women
  • Private Vitality Rooms where massages & treatments are carried out

Scientific process – as per your body type and requirements

Swissotel Kolkata
Rejuvenate. Photography: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

The spa managers at Purovel Sport of Swissotel Kolkata would be kind enough to take information about your body and skin type to suggest you the perfect spa massage. Feel free to chat with them to know and understand which spa will be best for you.

Purovel Sport – that manages the Gym and Spa – in Swissotel Kolkata attaches great importance to using Swiss products, and have developed for their guests a range of unique products that incorporate the exclusive Suissessences range of essential oils and fragrances.

Opening Hours:
Spa: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Fitness: 6:00am to 10:00pm
Swimming Pool: 6:00am to 10:00pm

Rooftop Infinity Pool

Swissotel Kolkata
Infinity Pool of Swissotel Kolkata. Photography: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

The amazing view of Kolkata’s Rajarhat New Town that you get from Swissotel Kolkata’s Infinity Pool is another reason to visit and indulge a quiet spa treatment in this hotel. Take a dip into the swimming pool and relax by watching the city pass by. Or just sit besides the pool and take a sip of your favourite drink.

Swissotel Kolkata
The author walking towards the Infinity Pool of the hotel. Photo: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

Café Swiss

Swissotel Kolkata
Mousumi Kar at Cafe Swiss. Photography: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

To further enhance a visit to Purovel Sport, the hotel provides visitors with complimentary fresh Alpine mineral water and their special selection of invigorating teas and fitness drinks from Café Swiss which is located on the property’s 6th floor.

Swissotel Kolkata
The author at Cafe Swiss. Photo: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

Fitness and Gym

One of the key elements on the path to natural vitality is exercise. Quite aptly – the facilities at Purovel Sport of Swissotel Kolkata include a first-class fitness centre with state-of-the art equipment where guests can train on the treadmill, dynamometer, cross trainer, or the wide ranging fitness apparatus and free weights.

Proximity to Kolkata International Airport – Located in New Town

Swissotel Kolkata
Mousumi Kar at Infinity Pool. Photography: Amit Sengupta / Blackboard

An invigorating spa treatment and a shopping paradise – What more do you want! Swissotel Kolkata’s unbeatable proximity to Kolkata International Airport (it’s just about 5-10 minutes drive from the airport) is another top reason to visit the hotel. Even if you are on a quick one day business trip to Kolkata, you can get your Spa treatment booked, finish it in one hour and make your move to the airport.

Shopping Centre

Swissotel Kolkata
City Centre, Rajarhat, New Town. Photo source

If you are not satisfied with just the massage and are thinking of splurging in some shopping experience for your family, friends or colleagues, fear not. The sprawling City Centre 2 Mall of Rajarhat is adjacent to Swissotel Kolkata. There are doors from the hotel that lead directly to the City Centre which means that you do not have to exit the hotel to enter the shopping centre.

Head over to the following webpages of Swissotel Kolkata to know more about the hotel and their spa and fitness details:

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