Well well! Never believed, I am going to write about this. The humble Kochuri and Aloor Dum. But here we are. We have made an awesome food recipe (watch the video below) and listing the top Kochuri spots in Kolkata.

Find out more about one of Kolkata’s most loved morning and evening snacks. The hot, piping, fluffy Kochuri which is essentially made with flour and has couple of variants. You would find this with stuffed peas and without it. Our Kochuri recipe is with the stuffed peas. That brings out the essence of the recipe and takes it to an ultimate gastronomical delight. The Aloor Dum is rich, hot, spicy (well, not that spicy after all), juicy and tangy potatoes with a thick gravy that accentuates the taste of the dry Kochuri. When the two comes together, it’s an explosion inside your mouth.

Bengali Kochuri Aloor Dum Recipe and Top Kochuri Spots in Kolkata

It’s a common sight in quite every neighbourhood of Kolkata. Long queues of office goers grabbing a plateful of their favourite Kochuri and Aloor Dum. It is a magical foodies delight. And the best part of this ultimate foodie experience – it’s way too cheap for a quick bite that fills up your belly till you have the next full meal. Most eateries of Kolkata will sell this inimitable dish within a price range of Rs. 20 – 40. That’s easy on the pocket. Isn’t it?

Now let’s get into the video and the top Kochuri hotspots in Kolkata.


Top Kochuri Spots in Kolkata

Kochuri Aloor Dum recipe - Calcutta street food
Compiled By: Amit Sengupta/Blackboard
kochuri aloor dum calcutta street food
Aloor Dum. Photo: Amit Sengupta