As Kolkata gears up for Durga Puja 2017, The Sand Restaurant, De Sovrani Hotel, Salt Lake explores the real taste of Bengal cuisine with its brand new ‘Maach Mishti ar Apni’ platter. During Durga Puja – one of the biggest festivals on earth – dig into a host of delicacies offered at the restaurant at an appealing price.

Sand Restaurant, De Sovrani Hotel to offer a platter of Bengali delicacies during Durga Puja 2017 

De Sovrani Hotel
Navrati Thali. Photo courtesy: De Sovrani

Speaking about the Durga Puja platter, Sumit Dasgupta, General Manger, De Sovrani Hotel said: “For all the rhythmic dhak beats, themed pandals and flashy attires, for most Bengalis, Durga Puja is incomplete without it’s gastronomic delights. At Hotel De Sovrani, we aim to satisfy all these desires and offer something more!”

Chef Kaushik Dhar has created an exceptionally curated menu that includes an assorted buffet for each of the four days during Durga Puja 2017.

De Sovrani Hotel
Doi Katlaa, Pabda Macher Jhol, Ilish Sorsher Jhol. Photo courtesy: De Sovrani

Shasti: Cool your minds and hearts with Daber Jhol, followed by an endless salad counter. The main course lures you to an interesting combination of Kankra Chingrir Jugol Bondhi, Ilish Sorse Jhaal and Ambati Murgi. End on a sweet note with Gobindo Bhog Payesh and Malai Chum Chum.

Saptami: Savour sumptuous delicacies like Dab Chingri, Chittagong Mosala Murgi and Murshidabadi Mutton Biryani. Indulge into heavenly sweets like Baked Mihidana with Rabri, Nolen Gurer Ice cream and Chenna Jalebi.

De Sovrani Hotel
Amabati Chicken and Mishti Pulao. Photo courtesy: De Sovrani

Ashtami: The lavish spread starts with a live station; main course includes Tangra Macher Jhal, Kancha Lonka Diye Murgi Jhol, Classic Railway Mutton Curry and Echorer Dalna. Sweet lovers devour the grand Bhog Thaal and Jalbhara Sandesh at your own leisure.

Navami: Reinvent your love for Bengali cuisine with dishes like Golda Chingrir Tok Jhal, Golbarir Mangsho Curry, Kadholi Pushpo Ghonto and Ghee Bhat. The Chenar Malpua from the extravagant spread will melt in your mouth in no time.

Dashami: Choose from Bhetki Jhaal, Pur Bhora Doi Patal, Mansho Oler Melamesha and feast on sinful treats like Kesar Raj Bhog, Saar Bhaja and Chennar Payesh to satiate your dessert cravings.

De Sovrani Hotel
Tipsy Paati Sapta and Narkel Ladoo. Photo courtesy: De Sovrani

The Sand Restaurant welcomes you for an experience of authentic mouth-watering Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Bengali delicacies that will evoke your taste buds this celebratory season.

Date: 26th to 30th September

Time: Lunch: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm | Dinner: 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm priced at Rs. 999 + GST

Mid-Night Buffet: 11:30 pm to 12:30 am, priced at a discounted rate of Rs. 599 inclusive of all taxes.

Navrati Thali: Priced at 499 + GST