The city that never sleeps, the city of dreams as many calls it – Mumbai. Discover Mumbai in some of these stunning and unbelievable photographs that shows the character of the city and brings out its essence and true elements says Rajarshi Mitra.

The beauty of Mumbai in 10 stunning black and white photographs

When i shifted to Mumbai, back in 2013 from Kolkata the sheer pace of the city took me by surprise! It was probably the wake-up call that was necessary for my early twenties… But somehow i managed to steal some time for myself and took a back seat to enjoy life in the maximum city. The photo essay below is a humble attempt to portray daily life in Mumbai. Some of the landmarks here has been photographed innumerable times and by many greats, so it becomes even more challenging to come up with something new!

It doesn’t rain in Mumbai… It just hammers down for days! This was shot from the famed Marine Drive, with the Malabar Hills skyline in the backdrop. Monsoon is surely the best time to shoot in and around Mumbai.

MumbaiPeople in front of the Gateway of India quickly take cover during a heavy spell of torrential rain and thank God Nikon for making cameras with weather shield technology!

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Mumbai​A group of college-goers rushes through the crowded street to catch the local train outside CST station.
Mumbai ​Daily more than 7.5 million commuters take the suburban railways, and it often faces severe overcrowding! You must have heard jokes about Dadar station, but lemme tell you it’s not funny for those who have to travel regularly but life goes on.

Mumbai local train ​It’s one of those evenings when you try to shut yourself out from the noise around and you stroll across a desolate part of the town, plug in your earphones and just let the sea breeze soothe your soul.

Mumbai worli sea link

This was shot in “dhobi ghat”, the washermen, locally known as “Dhobis”, work in the open trenches to wash the clothes!

Mumbai dhobi ghat

If you visit Mumbai don’t miss out paying a visit to one of India’s largest flea market – The “Chor Bazaar” at Mutton Street. From old curios to artefacts you get everything. It’s a “street photo porn” for any photo enthusiast!
Mumbai Chor bazar The lady here is sorting through dried shrimps and other small fishes and packing them for transportation. This photo was taken in a fishing village near Bandra and this place really stinks! Unless you have a blocked nose your first 10 mins would be painful here.


A man is seen here dismantling old car parts in Kurla. If you are looking for car/bike spare parts, look no further.

Mumbai chor bazar Well, you have scrolled down to the last one and this is pure romance – rain-soaked Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Post the 2008 terror attack, the damaged parts of the hotel have been reconstructed and it’s back to its age-old glory!


Hope you all liked the different moods of the city as much as i loved the calm in chaos!

Rajarshi works as a full time Brand Manager in Mumbai. He is a published photographer, a weekend biker and calls himself a failed cricketer.