Gear up for 12 mind-blowing egg recipes at Soul, Ballygunge that will surely whet our love for eggs. Soul has geared up to celebrate an Egg festival – ‘EGGLICIOUS’ that rediscovers our love and affinity towards eggs and showcases its versatility in various forms and flavours that are not only decadent at times but also more often than none, healthy dining options as well.

Egglicious is slated to start on Friday, November 4 and will continue till November 18. The dishes being served at the festival are priced from Rs. 100 onwards.

Egg Salad

‘Soul’ is the ultimate place where love generates. For most food lover, the only word that generates an inner feeling of love is ‘Food’. In the southern part of the city, there is a new love generating place for the Kolkata food-lovers. Soul situated near Ballygunje Phari is a beautiful place where mind connects via food.

Soul is a first time venture by a young and passionate couple, Kritika and Abhishek Dutt. They believe in good living and great lifestyle and hence combine the perfect taste for an amazing eatery where deliciousness meets sound health. Soul combines a pure rustic, earthy tone, imbibing a sense of serenity with colourful quirky outlook in terms of its décor. The eatery serves fusion, continental food with American & Italian sub-sections, has a tea junction, where varieties from Darjeeling and Assam is on display to choose from, four seating areas including a beautiful outdoor space. The uniqueness in this restaurant is a place dedicated to find the inner soul. There is a particular place in the restaurant, where Yoga, Zumba are practised. Thus in a way processes to find the soul and conquer it at different levels, within a beautiful confined space.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw.

Bacon wrapped eggs

It’s Autumn and ‘Egg festivals’ are celebrated at many places around the city. However, this one of its kind food festival in Kolkata will see a number of egg dishes that showcase its flavour profiles. Keeping Soul’s aim at providing both soulful and healthy food, the dishes being served at the festival range from nutritious meals, to more intricately flavoured dishes.

Complex European dishes to classic English flavours and spicy Indian variants, the food represented in the menu has been created to satiate all palates. Egglicious will present 12 dishes to foodies to choose from. Some of the dishes being served in the festival include:

Scottish Eggs:

Egg Soul
Scottish Eggs

A famed popular at Soul, Scottish Egg or Scotch Egg consists of a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep fried into deliciousness.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast:

Scrambled eggs on toast

Mixed with tomatoes and warm this lightly soggy mixture piled over toast is another crowd pleasure and perfect for youngsters looking for a hurried meal.

Eggs Benedict:

Egg Benedict

A traditional American brunch or breakfast dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin each topped with and a poached egg. Perfect for those who are looking for some gooey goodness.

Bacon wrapped Eggs:

Crispy bacon wrapping a piece of boiled egg, this dish is best for those looking for some tiny bite while hanging out with friends.


Masala Omlet

The festival also features a series of special Omlets that have a range of filling from the quintessential Ham & Cheese, to the more Spicy masala Omlets, the Decadent cheese or Mushroom Omlet or the Chicken Omlet.

Meat mix with eggs:

Meat mix with eggs

A nutritious mixture of meat with boiled eggs paired with greens and a dash of vinaigrette that is perfect for a healthy meal

Egg Salad:

Keeping the theme of healthy eating in view, the menu also offers a delicious Egg Salad with greens that is a perfect protein booster for the body on winter afternoons.

Egg Sandwich:

Egg sandwich with potato wedges

Another Soul offering, the Egg Sandwich is a egg stuffed grilled sandwich which is a perfect accompaniment for the cooler evenings as one sits with friends ushering in the winter.

Through Egglicious Soul have tried to show the various ways in which the egg can be presented from the simple sandwich to the exotic and exquisite Scottish Egg, which is already a best seller in their menu. Soul aims not only serve tasty food, but have options that are tasty and healthy for the body and soul. Thus for an inner connect with the Soul via food, you know where to head on to from 4-18 November.

Call 098311 37818 for booking your seat at Soul.