Kolkata a city with a history and culture of over 400 years of glorified existence, has its strong belief and philosophy which will not change. Following are some incredible statements which you won’t here someone from this city say about its culture.

Kolkata Culture: 11 Things you will never hear someone from this City say

1. Never been connected with Football and never heard of ‘East Bengal’ & ‘Mohun Bagan’ rivalry.

Its not only a game for the people of this city, its part of life for them. They even have their sweet inter-communal rivalry based on this sport. Kolkata, known as Mecca of Indian football is a paradise for football lovers. Thus, football is a celebration for the ‘City of Joy’ and its people.

2. Sourav Ganguly? Who is he?

The ‘Prince of Calcutta’ & ‘ Dada’ for all. The question about his popularity is quiet absurd , not only in Calcutta but whole of India. One of the most successful skipper of Indian cricket, has many reasons to be a living legend. A person with a Midas touch is successful in many arenas other than sports, adding feathers to his crown. The charismatic presence makes our Dada , a Prince in its true sense.

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3. Never came across a piece of work of Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore)

This must be one of the most weird statement in Kolkata. Our ‘ Gurudev’ is an institution himself & the testimony is the ‘ RabindraBharati University’ in the city. His work is a collection of creation compared to an Ocean. Every emotion and every moment of life can be related to his work. The most recent omnipresence capability of his work can be perceived at traffic signals all over Calcutta. So , Tagore’s creation is there with you always.

4. Rio Carnival is better than Kolkata’s Durga Puja

Another feature of Kolkata culture is Durga Puja. If we compare our own Durga puja with festivals and carnivals of International Standard, Rio Carnival of Brazil comes in our mind. But nothing can be compared to the Soul connectivity of the people of Calcutta during this time. During Durga Puja the City gets a stunning makeover & the Bong calendar undergoes 9 days of extravaganza. So NO COMPARISON PLEASE.

5. Never thought of giving an opinion on politics & its rivalries

Like football, Politics is also a part and parcel of Kolkata people. Every nook & corner of the city is a ground for discussion of Politics and its different rivalries. Marxist , socialist, fundamentalist , each person has their own choice and view. The true sense of Intellectualism sometimes comes from this opinion exchange sessions, at different time and place of the city.

6. Indian Coffee House? Where is it?

Adda’ or a culture of informal gathering is prevalent from ancient greek history. In Kolkata too this culture is very much prevalent and people here craves for it. The Indian Coffee House in the northern part of the city is the Den of Adda culture. The cafeteria is actually a genius’ den as it has witnessed the presence and discussions of some of the greatest intellectuals of the country.

“ Calcutta is the only city I know where you are actively encouraged to stop strangers at random for a quick chat”- Tahir Shah (actor).

Adda is our daily dose of revitaliser. Thus if you are fond of this adda culture and you don’t know the cradle of adda (The Indian Coffee house), then you are not a person of this city.

7. Book stores in shopping malls have greater collection of books than the College street book Market.

They say if you didn’t find a book in College street, that book probably have never existed. College street book market, situated in the northern part of the city is a paradise of Bibliophile Calcutta. It is the largest 2nd hand book market in the world & the largest in India. The landmark has also made its place in ‘Time’ magazine as ‘Best of Asia’ in 2007. Thus , if you are unaware of College street, then either you are not a bibliophile or you are not a Calcuttan.

Kolkata culture
A stunning view of Howrah Station as seen from Mullik Ghat. PC: Amit Sengupta

8. I did not ride on a Yellow Cab or a Tram.

A mode of transport also act as an Identity of a city. Like ‘The Gondola’ of Venice, we have ‘The Yellow Cab’. Though there are many app cabs prevalent nowadays, still you will see the cosmopolitan yellow cab everywhere in the city moving with grandeur and charm. If you visit the city you will surely ride a yellow cab at least once. Next comes the ‘Moving heritage of Calcutta’, the Tram. The slow pace movement of the tram among the hustle bustle & fast pace of the city is a beautiful contrast. So , if anyone visits the city then experiencing tram ride is a must.

9. I have never faced a Traffic Jam

Whenever you are travelling by road in this city, traffic jam in between is an inevitable part. The rhythm of Pause & play is deep inside the travellers of this city. So, you get habituated to this rhythm automatically , whenever you are travelling within the city. Oh yes, please enjoy the soulful music at different traffic signals because that’s a bonus for you.

10. The drainage system in Kolkata is so well maintained

The city of joy is abode of a large number of people and is increasing with time. The city has passed so many years of its glorified existence. Still the same problem exist, the drainage system. A small amount of rain will show you the ugly scenario of the city. So , you won’t hear such a positive statement about the Calcutta drainage system.

11. Bargaining? No, I haven’t faced such things at New Market, Esplanade & Gariahat Market

Street shopping & ‘Bargaining’ are the two things which are made for each other. If you are in the zone of shopper’s paradise of Kolkata like New market, Esplanade & Gariahat, bargaining is an inevitable part. This practice or art of bargaining helps you to get the best product at a reasonable price from this place. So if are a shopaholic and you are street shopping in Calcutta, you have to practice this art of ‘Bargain’. Shop till you Drop.