The Serai, Chikmagalur is a class apart. Visit it because it’s markedly uber chic, classy, ensconced in one of India’s original coffee plantation hubs and perfect destination for your romantic glacation (glamorous vacation – you have heard this word first from Blackboard – no! There is no meaning of that word yet on Google). Let us tell you the 10 most compelling reasons we think why it is an ultimate luxury resort for your romantic glacation.

10 Reasons to visit The Serai, Chikmagalur for romantic glacation

1. Ambience – Earthy smell and aura of an unique coffee resort

The Serai, Chikmagulur
A breathtaking view of The Serai Chikmagalur. Photo: Skreem

Embrace the earthy smell and aura of an unique coffee resort at The Serai, Chikmagalur. Your romantic glacation will be like no other before. This resort (owned by the Café Coffee Day group) is tucked away at India’s coffee capital of Chikmagalur, a quaint town flanked with coffee plantations all around. Spend your day indulging at the resort’s myriad vistas to make your romantic glacation memorable and once in a lifetime experience with ample dose of luxury and adventure.

Blackboard was invited by this luxury resort for their first of its kind ‘Experiential Bloggers Retreat’ from 27-29 June 2017. Mousumi Kar, Blackboard’s co-founder experienced it as part of the Bloggers Retreat.

The Serai, Chikmagulur
The blogger herself at The Serai. Photo: Skreem

The Serai is spacious spread across vast green landscaped garden and luxury villas with private swimming pools. The smell of coffee is infectious. It’s irresistible and inviting.

2. Location – 250 Kms from Bangalore

The Serai, Chikmagulur
Lobby of the resort. Photo courtesy: Skreem

The Serai is located just 250 kms from Bangalore. We flew from Calcutta with a morning flight and drove from Bangalore Airport to the coffee resort. The journey from Bangalore to Chikmagalur is picturesque, flanked by greenery, waterfalls and forest on both sides of the road. The road trip is pleasantly untiring. Isn’t it perfect for that extended weekend retreat?

3. Indulge in the Estate Villas and private swimming pools

The Serai, Chikmagalur
Estate Villa Pool. Photo: Skreem

We noticed a significant presence of vast estate villas once we stepped inside The Serai. The villas are spaciously spread out throughout the entire premises. What was more inviting and enticing was the presence of private swimming pools with the villas. There are Estate Villa with Jacuzzi, Villa with pool, Estate Terrace and The Residence. What better way to indulge with your beloved than by dipping in the pool with a glass of drink. Spend some quality time together amidst the lap of luxury. This is one of the 10 reasons why we think The Serai Chikmagalur is perfect for your romantic glacation.

The Serai, Chimagalur
Splurge yourself amidst nature’s bounties. Your perfect wellness glacation. Photo: Skreem

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4. Surround yourself with India’s first coffee plantations

The Serai
A walking tour inside the coffee plantations. Photo: Skreem

Ah ha! Come home to witness the unique coffee plantations which supplies the best coffee beans to the entire country and world. You are staying inside the coffee hub and wherever you go inside the resort and surroundings, you cannot escape the aura of coffee plantations.

The Serai
Beans of a coffee plant. Photo: Skreem

The earthy smell of Arabica coffee easily hits you. Delicate Arabica bushes spine around large, tall oaks, teaks and other trees inside the plantations. Arabica coffee grows in the shade of these tall trees – that’s perhaps one of the unique ways of growing coffee in India. According to folk tales, that’s how coffee has been grown here since 17th century. The beans were believed to have been smuggled to Chikmagalur region from Yemen.

During your stay at The Serai, you can request for a brisk walk amidst their Coffee plantations. You can choose to walk or cycle to some extent after which you enter the plantation by foot. All of us bloggers were taken for a walk inside the plantation. However, the best part of our stay was the meet up with coffee warrior and researcher Dr. Pradeep Kenjige. Dr. Kenjige is the head of research and development at Café Coffee Day which owns this resort and almost 5000 hectares of coffee plantations in Chikmagalur region with thousand of stores in India and presence in Austria and Czech Republic.

5. Wellness – Rejuvenation at Spa, doing Yoga

The Serai Chikmagalur
Time to indulge in some signature Spas. Photo: Mousumi Kar

The idea of a perfect romantic glacation throws up images of connecting with your inner soul. You can do that by combining pampering and indulging yourself with a perfect Spa therapy (the resort has a host of options for you) at their OMA Spa, do Yoga and breathing in the fresh air.

You can try their signature therapy i.e. Coffee Cure, which I tried. You must have heard of Beer Spa, Chocolate Spa but here you go with their Coffee Spa. Moreover, the villas are spacious enough to freshen up your spirit. Wake up early and take a leisurely stroll, practice Yoga at your Villa or near the pool. This is one of the strong compelling reasons to visit The Serai and also makes it one of the best ‘Yoga Retreats’ of India.

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6. Romantic Dinner – cosy weather

The Serai
Dinner under the sky. Photo courtesy: Skreem

Aah! Here’s the best part of a luxurious romantic stay in a retreat like this. Escape into the charming world of The Serai which excels in recreating pure bliss and magic for spending that quality romantic time with your beloved. You can dine and wine in their restaurant – Odyssey which is inspired by a traveller’s restaurant concept. Dine and feast on authentic Malnad cuisine or try some of their other multi-cuisine delicacies overlooking the tall oaks and teaks as far as your eyes can go.

Upon request they can organise your personalised dining space either inside the restaurant or in any suitable place inside the sprawling resort or right inside the plantation.

7. Luxury hospitality at its best

The Serai Chikmagalur
Sky Bar. Photo courtesy: Skreem

The Serai has been renowned for its uber luxurious hospitality that it extends to its guests. An unique coffee inspired resort that caters to your minute details with a personal touch and care to create an ever lasting memory. The Serai’s other popular resorts such as The Serai Kabini and Bandipur and Barefoot Havelock (Havelock Island in Andaman & Nicobar Island) are already a world apart. Be it any season, the monsoons, autumn, winter or spring, your stay at their properties are an experience apart.

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8. Savour authentic Malnad cuisine at The Serai

The Serai Chikmagalur
A display of the Malnad cuisine which we savoured during our trip. Photo: Skreem

Well, we are not sure if you have heard of Malnad cuisine. No we are not talking about Mangalorean cuisine. Malnad cuisine is distinctively different from Mangalorean cuisine. While many say it is an uncanny mix of both Mangalorean and Coorgi cuisines. However, today Malnad cuisine has evolved itself as a micro-cuisine with a significant trademark of its own. It has amazing delicacies such as Gojju Avalakki, Mavinkaye Saru, Patrode, Kayi Sasuve Chitanna, Shunti Thambuli and among desserts popular dishes are Haluvayi and Kayi Kadubu.

The Serai
Malnad Chicken curry being tossed in the pan. Photo: Skreem

The vast spread of banana leaves serving up the delicacies of Malnad cuisine would give you serious food lust.

9. Activities – Cycling, trekking amidst Western Ghats

The Serai
A staff of The Serai making a point during the walking tour.

Remember you are ensconced in one of the luxury resorts in Western Ghats of India. Would you like to miss the opportunity to explore the breathtaking outdoors of the hills? You can spunk up your stay at The Serai by picking up any activities such as Coffee Walk or just some lazy cycling in the hills of Western Ghats around the resort. There are scenic trekking trails (ask the resort for more guidance and customise one for you) in the region which are not to be missed to bring that slight adventure in your stay. However, you may prefer to give those activities a miss and rather enjoy your stay inside the resort.

The Serai
Solitude sojourns. Photo: The Skreem

10. Get a dose of heritage around Chikmagalur – Belur, Halebidu

weekend trip from Bangalore
Belur temple. Photo source

This is one of the best reasons to visit The Serai, Chikmagalur. Within a close distance, you can explore the historical remains of Hoysala dynasty and gaze at their charming temple architecture that dates back to 12th to 14th century – a period when they ruled this region.

Alternatively, Baba Budangiri in the Western Ghats are also an option. Simply drive down to the place or request the resort to organise your trip. Baba Budan was believed to the saint who first brought in coffee beans from Yemen to this region.

Here’s an exclusive tete-a-tete with Mr. Anand Menon, GM, Marketing, The Serai, Chikmagalur responding to queries from Blackboard:

The Serai
Mr. Anand Menon, GM, Marketing, The Serai, Chikmagalur. Photo: Skreem

Q1. On being asked, why do you think The Serai Chikmagalur is perfect destination for a romantic stay, Mr. Menon said to Blackboard.

We have a special package named ‘Magic Moments’ for couples. Creating moments magical, mystical and romantic is what this package is all about. Candle lit dinners, lazy breakfasts and some sparkling wine add to the romance is what you could experience with your loved one.

Q2. What about the things you are doing to pull adventurers, road trippers into this property?

We have something called the ‘Chikmagalur Explorer’, where you create your own stories and narrate to your loved ones. It is about stepping out and seeing what this land has to offer. History (Halebidu & Belur), Nature (Mullayangiri & Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary) wanting to tell you its stories and tales of an era bygone.

Q3. For which month do you offer the best package for Romantic Stay to couples?

There is no one particular month for offering the romantic stay package to couples. We organise romantic dinners throughout the year (except during monsoons) upon requests and we see to that they have a great one.

This blog has been written with inputs from Mousumi Kar. 

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